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Hello. My name is Jeffrey Moss and this page serves as the portfolio for the WRTG444 Writing for the World Wide Web course I am currently enrolled in at Eastern Michigan University located in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

I am a 45 year old male. I have lived in the charming city of Leslie, Michigan since I was 20 years old. I live with my lovely wife Wendy and my 12 year old stepson Ricky. I also have four other stepchildren that are all adults and thriving as they make their way in the world. Wendy is a loving and devoted mother and I am very lucky she welcomed me into her family.

I work full time in the manufacturing industry and have been with the same company since 1995. I graduated from Lansing Community College in 2009 with an Associate’s degree in writing. I also have a general associate’s from L.C.C. that I earned in 2008. Those degrees did not open the doors for me that I envisioned, so in the fall of 2016 I enrolled at Eastern Michigan University part-time and began working toward a bachelor’s degree. I am majoring in written communication and minoring in creative writing. I am on track to graduate in 2020 or 2021, depending on how many summer classes I take. I hope to gain employment as a technical writer. Leslie is about 60 miles from Ypsilanti so I try to take as many on-line classes as possible.

I love fishing and am obsessed with the Detroit Lions. In my spare time I enjoy writing short stories, playing beer league hockey and going to thrift stores and estate sales. I have a collection of typewriters, including an Underwood #5 from 1917 that still works perfectly. However, it’s exhausting to type on it and while I love my typewriters, word processors came along because necessity is the mother of invention. It’s very romantic to pound away on an old typewriter and getting lost in the nostalgia of the lull of the hammers striking the page, the bell dinging as you approach the margin and the zip of the carriage return. Up until you misspell a word, or leave out a word and decide that the sentence you just wrote would work better if you moved it up a few lines and then you have to rip the page out and start over. Yeah, so, they’re pretty to look at on the shelf and if it wasn’t for one we wouldn’t have the other. In my collection I have one Royal that looks just like the one my dad used when I was a kid. I also have a typewriter from the 1940’s that was in my grandfather’s office when he worked for GMAC that my aunt gave me.

I also have a collection of vintage cameras (that use film!) and have similar feelings as I do about typewriters. They evoke a special feeling when using them. It’s a link to the past and gives an appreciation of the evolution of cameras. I haven’t developed film in a darkroom since I was a freshman in high school in 1986, so that special feeling comes along with dropping the roll of film off at the drug store, and waiting a week to get prints back and finally seeing if you captured the image as intended. Another special feeling they evoke is when you realize all of your photos are blurry or overexposed or underexposed because the cameras require knowledge of f-stops and shutter speeds and measuring light and now your cell phone can take unbelievably good photos instantaneously. Again, we wouldn’t have one without the other.

I also have an obsession with license plates. I enjoy making art from them. I have an American flag made from plates that hangs on my office wall featuring at least one plate from all 50 states and I have made a few designs using images of plates on a computer, like the EMU logo you can see below.